Pierre Simonnin

3 rue Lavoisier, 93500 Pantin

About partner

No-code/low-code developer and consultant, I help companies and teams streamline and automate their processes using Integromat. By designing a tailor-made system with the right stack of tools, any team can stop wasting time, cut repetitive/redundant/demotivating tasks, limit human errors, answer faster, definitely get rid of copy-pasting and time-consuming Excel files... And eventually focus on what really matters: value-added tasks, growth and clients!
As a survey expert, I also provide services on survey design and questionnaire/form automation.
To encourage responsible initiatives, I offer a significant discount for mission-driven projects and companies.
Looking forward to talking about your project and see how I can help!

Providing services in these locations

France, Belgium

Partner focus on

Small-size companies, Startups

Provided services

Consultancy, Support, Training

Spoken languages

English, French

Application & Services Expertise

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