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EPEAK Studio's wokflow automation arm is a global service provider specialized in process assessment, workflow design & management and automation.
We help SMEs investigate, map and automate everyday processes. If you need help to become "lean" or "agile", you're knocking on the right door!
Our experts help you find efficiencies where your business needs it most. Free up employee time and enable greater value creation. Eliminate repetitive, low-value, error prone tasks from daily operations.
Expect faster workflows, greater competitiveness and a world class customer service to automate your business.
With EPEAK Studio, execute your technological transition doing more, with less.

Providing services in these locations

United Kingdom, Taiwan, Germany, Ecuador, Canada, Australia

Partner focus on

Enterprises, Mid-size companies, Small-size companies, Startups

Provided services

Consultancy, Support, Training

Spoken languages

English, French, German, Spanish

Application & Services Expertise

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