Zeker Susan

Tesselschadestraat 155 8023 BL Zwolle

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As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on your company goals as much as possible, with the colleagues with whom you work and the customers for whom you realize your product(s) or services. In practice, you rather spend a lot of valuable time on other tasks. From looking up information and manually updating various lists, to determining priorities and providing an overview. It is my dream that as an entrepreneur you are mainly concerned with optimally serving and supporting your customers. A goal that, in my opinion, needs your full attention.

I am convinced that by organizing and automating tasks in a smarter way, you can spend more focused time on what is valuable for your company. In this way you grow your company, you achieve your goals and you work passionately in and on your company. I'd be happy to help you with that.

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Mid-size companies, Small-size companies, Startups

Provided services

Consultancy, Support, Training

Spoken languages

Dutch, English, German

Application & Services Expertise

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