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After 20 years as a full-stack developer & CTO, I now work exclusively with no-code or low-code solutions.
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As a software engineer, I can help you avoid pitfalls and push through any technical issues, adding custom code when necessary. As a CTO, I provide help with roadmapping, understanding the limitations and risks around no-code platforms, and the creation of realistic budgets and development plans.
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I specialize in automation, integration, and building no-code apps from the ground up, primarily using Airtable, bubble, Webflow, Integromat, & Zapier.
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I have a lot of experience working with Zoom as well as Flofiy, Pipedrive, and Calendly.

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United States of America

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Enterprises, Mid-size companies, Small-size companies, Startups

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Consultancy, Support, Training

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Application & Services Expertise

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