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youRaise CRM is a consulting, training and support company focused on building sales Customer Relationship Management implementations in an agile model, which delivers value in a short period of time, continuously and incrementally.

Our platform for CRM solutions is mainly based on Pipedrive CRM, which we have chosen as we consider the platform most in line with our principles of agility.

To amplify the potential of our CRM solutions, we chose Integromat as an automation and integration platform with other systems. Below are some automations that we have performed for several clients.

-Email submissions;
-Document generation;
-Report generation;
-Notification about business changes;
-Pipedrive integration with other systems (Monday, Fusioo, Airtable).
-Distribution of Leads or Deals to Sales Team Members;
-Account Transfers Between Team Members (pipedrive automations);
-Data Sanitization Routines(Pipedrive Data);
-Complex calculations, totalizers and averages.

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Small-size companies, Startups

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Brazilian Portuguese

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