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Bravo Murillo 23, Madrid, Spain

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📣Most medium & small businesses and entrepreneurs struggle to create efficient & automated workflow and to gather & analyze relevant data to their business.📣

If this sounds familiar to you, you should know that this is costing YOU:

- ⏰TIME & MONEY💸: Instead of working on manual & repetitive tasks with little added value (or hiring someone to do them), you/your hire should focus on high value added tasks: selling your product, developing new products for your business or taking care of your customers!

- 📴WRONG DECISIONS: Drawing important conclusions for your business based on unreliable & inaccurate data is going to take you the wrong way!

- 💣MISTAKES: Your team gets tired and can make mistakes, especially with repetitive tasks!

- 📉YOUR GROWTH: Inefficient processes may be stopping you from growing, or may be the thing that kills your business once it grows.

Working as a Manager in a high growth company (from €2,5MM to €65MM in revenue in 4 years) I learnt it the hard way. We had no reliable data (not even a centralized database), no CRM, most of the work was done manually (consuming tons of resources), processes were error prone, our growth was hurting the company because we were not able to handle it,... And the list could go on.

I dedicated a lot of my time to solve these issues auditing & automating processes, creating a DB, standardizing workflow & data collection, etc.

Results were amazing, we could not only manage the current business dedicanting much less resources but we could also generate & manage new business easily and increase the quality of our services.

I became passionate about it and now I can help you solve these same problems we had using a wide set of no code tools (including Airtable, Zapier, G Suite, Typeform, Slack, Mailchimp, Excel, Power BI, etc.) so you can rely on:

⚙ Efficient workflow: Take the shortest way between you and your goal!

🛰 Automated processes: Let computers do all the dirty work, faster and error free!

📊 Centralized and reliable data: Enhance your decision making with quality data, take the right way!

🏭 Scaleproof solutions: Scale your company worry free! Small, medium or big, keep working!

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United States of America, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Australia

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Mid-size companies, Small-size companies, Startups

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English, Russian, Spanish

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