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You should be richer, don’t you think?

If you said „yes, of course”, you might consider taking up 1 of the 2 available spots in my calendar.

Most businesses leave money on the table because their marketing funnels bleed revenue.
- they don’t send enough newsletters (so their subscribers eventually forget about them)
- they don’t use automations, smart segmenting, upsells, and cross-selling (so they lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on the backend, maybe even more)
- they lack e-mail workflows, triggers, chatbot automations (so their marketing doesn’t live up to its potential)
- their client database is messy
- they know they SHOULD be doing all of this, but they lack the resources, time, or knowledge

The worst part is: the revenue you lose this way is ALMOST yours, because it’s usually a retention problem (you already have these clients, but you fail to maximize their spending).

It’s time to change that – and this is where our partnership will begin.

Here comes the best part: you don’t have to do anything fancy, costly, or difficult. I’ll use (mostly) email marketing, automations, and chatbot to make sure you’ll become as rich as you should be – because the potential is already there in your client list and business.

Book a call with me here:
(We’ll simply talk a bit to find out if we are a good fit. Keep in mind I’ll only take on 2 new clients so
please, book a call as soon as possible.)

Softwares I usually use (registered/certified partner)
- Klaviyo
- ActiveCampaign
- Mailerlite
- Manychat
- Integromat
- Databox
- Google Analytics
- Google Tag Manager
(If you have different software you prefer, that shouldn’t be a problem)


Email Marketing:
- Digitalmarketer: Email Marketing Mastery
- Hubspot: Email marketing

- Klaviyo: Product Certification
- Klaviyo: SMS marketing Certification
- Mailerlite: Mailerlite Fundamentals

- School of bots: Instagram DM Automation Accelerator
- School of bots: AI Conversational Specialist (AICS)
- Dialogflow: Building Conversational Experience with Dialogflow

- Databox: platform certification
- Google Analytics for beginners
- Advanced Google Analytics
- Google Analytics for Poweruser
- Google Analytics Individual Qualification
- Google Tag Manager fundamental

Providing services in these locations

United States of America, United Kingdom, Hungary, Australia

Partner focus on

Mid-size companies, Small-size companies

Provided services

Consultancy, Reseller

Spoken languages

English, Hungarian

Application & Services Expertise

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